Scuba and Maritime Event Postings

These postings are a collective overview of Scuba and Maritime related events. To find out specific times and fees (if applicable), contact the organization hosting the event. Some Ohio-related links are included in the navigation bar on the left. Most event contact links are provided in the calendar below.

If you are aware of an upcoming scuba or maritime event not listed here, please contact Lake Erie Wreck Divers.

                  2011 Calendar
Jan 14-23 Cleveland Boat Show @ the IX Center
Jan 19 Lake Erie Wreck Divers meeting @ Stamper's Grill
Feb 18-20 Our World Underwater, Chicago, IL
Feb 25-26 GLSPS Uppermidwest Scuba & Adventure Travel Show
Feb 26 Chicago Maritime Festival
Mar 5-6 Boston Sea Rovers, Danver, Mass
March 12 Lake Erie Wreck Divers Annual Banquet
March 18-20 OCSSDI ScubaFest
March 20 OCSSDI Mtg @ ScubaFest
March 25-26 Ghost Ships Milwaukee WI
Mar 25-27 Beneath the Sea, Secaucus, New Jersey
April 2 NDA Shipwrecks 2005, Welland, Ontario
April 20 Lake Erie Wreck Divers meeting @ Stamper's Grill
Nov 4-5 Gales of November in Duluth, Minnesota
Nov 2011 BAD Banquet—”Shipwrecks and Scuba” Date TBA
2011 Sandusky Maritime Museum Speakers and Events Calendar
2011 Erie Wrecks Shipwreck Presentations Calendar
2011 Wisconsin Maritime Museum Events Calendar
Abbreviation Key:
BAD—Bay Area Divers
CHS—Chicago Historical Society
FCR—French Creek Reservation, Sheffield, OH
GLSPS—Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society
MM—Maritime Museum of Sandusky, OH
MSRA—Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates
NDA—Niagara Divers Association
OCSSDI—Ohio Council of Skin and Scuba Divers
WMM—Wisconsin Maritime Museum