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Featured books include:
Lighthouses --
  • Around the Great Lakes
  • Lighthouses World Wide
  • Legendary Lighthouses
  • Lost Lighthouses
  • Lighthouse Tales
  • and more
  • Great Lakes -- Shipwrecks and Survivals, Atlas and Aerial Charts, Poems, Piloting and Boatbuilding, including:
  • the Chicora
  • the Battle of Lake Erie
  • U.S. Paddle Frigate Michigan
  • the Great Lakes during World War II
  • steamboat stories
  • haunted lakes
  • and more
  • Beyond the Great Lakes -- Sea tragedy, wreck diving, shipwreck stories, and shipwreck guides include:
  • The Perfect Storm
  • the Hungry Ocean
  • Titanic
  • the Last Dive
  • Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World
  • the Andrea Doria
  • U.S.S. Indianapolis
  • Graveyards of the Pacific
  • and more
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    Featured videotapes from IMAX, NOVA, National Geographic and more include:
    Wreck Finding
    Ghosts of the Georgian Bay
    Graveyard of the Atlantic
    Sea Hores
    Underwater Photography
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